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Oh Oh

I consider providing the needs for entrepreneurs and gentlemen a like as a business and I run it as so. Daily updates through social media and newsletters, an organized website to answer any pending questions, and quick responses for same day appointments. "No names on the envelope" However, I would be a liar if I proclaim it was always perfect. Despite the countless tips online and from friends, in this business nothing compares to when the rubber meets the road and boy was there some swiveling. Maybe it's the firefly filled summer nights that's leading me to reflect (and laugh) on some of the most embarrassing moments when I first started out. Handling collection of the donation is a simple but important aspect of the business. I prefer for you to place it in the bathroom or on the nightstand as you excuse yourself. On this day, the gentleman perform the former. I freshen up and instead of placing the donation in my purse or coat or somewhere in my belongings me and my green ears stuff it inbetween the towels. Despite being camera shy, I wish there was a video camera on me but I vividly remember the moment when sitting at the kitchen table and realizing the envelope was still in between the towels. This is where luck comes in for it was my hotel and I only just checked out a hour ago. After a mini self lecture with myself, I decided to call housekeeper and can not decide which one I'm more thankful for; the fact that a previous client warn me to stop requesting my business name on the envelope or that the housekeeper found and return it with the full amount still inside? One thing is certain though, I learned my lesson quickly and never had that happen again. Yes, I tip the housekeeper Second part coming next week. What's on my mind: How amazing my birthday month was! I cross so much off my bucket list. However, only because it's August doesn't mean you can't put a smile on my face. Amazon giftcards and square cash can be use to fulfil my amazon wishlist here. Word of the week: vociferous adj (especially of a person or speech) vehement or clamous Drink of the week: Birthdat cake martini

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