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Sir, my eyes are up here

Yes, I totally believe Hooters needs to change their "focal point". Just as waiting 45 minute for a taxi and video stores, the resturant brand is pretty dated. 

No, I do not believe showing more skin will help. It still needs to be a "family friendly" resturant to keep its costumer demographic large, not a 18+ bikini club(which doesn't sound like a bad idea though).

It's 2017, more people are demanding diversity in the entertainment business and so why wouldn't the ideal tickle down to the girls serving them fried pickles?

My recent poll correlates with the article statement that "hooters" aren't the dominated sexy feature anymore. Hire girls with "junk in the trunk". Hire curvaceous women, A/B cup girls, petite girl, heck  obviously no more one token Black/Asian girls in the calendar!

However, I still believe there's another much annoying reason of the decline of "breasturant" and it relates to the new ideals of the new generations.

I have notice from my similar age peers the increase faux intellectual belief that a women should have body autonomy unless it's to make a profit. That somehow realizing that being desirable can be lucrative is mentally damaging. I have seen young adults demand the ability for  girls to comfortably wear low cut tank top out just to turn around and her brainwash and in need of help if she wear it for more tips. Basically, demanding autonomy while making rules of their own.

And before you say it, I don't see it out of spite or jealousy. These ideals are coming from both genders of all shape and sizes. No, it is derived from good intentions for female body automany but with ignorance of womanism(look it up) they at last are still controlling women's body but with a "progressive" spin on it. This lead to a decrease of openly visiting business to admire the female body and more of publicly shaming of the process while still admiring through the corners of their eyes(for free).

Basically, the newer generation want the same sexual thrill but for free. Haha They are cheap.

Word of the week:postcoital

Occur during or after sexual intercourse

Drink if the week: Palmer Fizz

Vodka, ginger, rosewater, seltzer

I tried this on my last trip to Champaign-Urbana. Quite refreshing! Wish finding rosewater wasn't a journey though (>人<;)

Kavita Flowers

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