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First online dating, now sex robots

Happy Valentine! Rather you are single or have that special someone to bump ugly with today, have a marvelous day and know that you are loved💖 If you haven’t notice, I am part of the single group this year and as any 20 something single my eyes has been on online dating. I have no distaste for online dating and believe it’s actually the future of meeting people;however, it is (obviously)vastly different from meeting in real life. I touch on it a bit on Twitter ( Here )

You have to be engage in the conversation in real time whereas you can just stop the conversation and do your laundry with online dating. There’s a course missing body language and social cues that just can’t be truly translate with emoji. Really, it might not seem much but you learn so much about a person in a minute standing face to face than a month worth of text messenges. You fully can not replace raw emotion with ;) BUT AGAIN! Not bashing online dating. No matter how romantic it is or how social you are, you just can’t bump into The One on the street like in the movies. Now, I was a little harsh with online dating so why not put real encounters under the magnifying glass for a moment .

                   A tip to men from a woman                Do not continuing bothering a                     

             female stranger when there’s no            


Body language, Body Language, Body language If you are on this page then that means you are old enough to understand a soft “no”. The Japanese are known for their many ways for saying no without it leaving their lips but it is quite universal... Is she giving one word answer/not engaging in your conversation? No Did she not shift her body towards you? No Is she giving you that weak giggle that you would give to your teacher who class you are failing’s corny joke? No (Most important) did she have her headphones in! Nooooo! lol I’m sure at the beginning of this post you thought you would read about my crazy encounters with online dating but unfortunately I was raised in a way that fine tuned my intuition and protects me from the crazies. Sorry! But here’s a cute photo of me instead 💖

Word of the Day: clandestinely

(Adv) in a secretive and illicit way

This word was used many times in the book I’m reading now which fittingly is about forbidden love💘

Drink if the Day:Copper & Thief Cellarmasters Bourbon Barrel Red

Please, if you are not a red wine drinker I suggest you sample this. A gentleman introduce me to this and it’s the smoothest wine you will ever taste(at a decent price too!)

Also Valentine=Lovely Dovey=Red Wine 

Thank you so much for reading my post! I really hope you enjoy some chocolate of your choosing today. Making some homemade cookies for friends today. Happy Valentine’s Day 

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