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Green!: Teal is Blue-Green

Hey, guess what?

Spring is near!

With it being the change of the season with nature coming into bloom it seems befitting to talk about the blossoming of K.Flowers as well.

And why not caterogize it with the prominent color of Spring, green!

There are three changing aspects in my life I will like to share with you but knowing that I like to pour my heart out into essays I will separate this blog into three posts. That way you can read them during mini breaks or as you prepare for the St. Patrick parade(which if you thought had any  influence with the color choice as well was correct)

Let’s start! 

Hey! As the title states, teal is a greenish color.

Happy to say that three months in 2018 I am still going strong with my “one book a month” goal. The first two was history and fiction so why not change it up with a self help? 

Very well written though I wouldn’t label it as self help more than educational (then again, when have you learnt something that didn’t improve your life?). It’s an entertaining review of PSY 101 and important insight on how our mind function for no matter how intelligent and unique you see yourself your preference and ideals are most likely ingrained in your skull by the age of 10 and it’s essential for growth to recognize that.

Again I must state how well written and entertaining the book is. This author as well as Isabel Allende from my previous book have a skill I wish to posses,transferring my thoughts on paper eloquently. I guess I just need to write more blogs for practice!

I haven’t finished the book and I do not aim for this to be Oprah’s book club so now let’s focus back on the joy in reading for fun. Haha. No way to not sound like a 4th grade teacher but my vocabulary has definitely expanded as well as the breadth of my knowledge;however, the most important factor is the unexplained calmness of not having my nose in my phone and escaping  into my own world. I can see why people prefer books over Kindles(and you can express your preference Here )

I can say this is a habit I will carry for years to come. 💖

Look for my the next part in the coming days!

Word of the Day:prognostications

Noun. the action of foretelling or prophesying future events

Drink of the Day:Water

Honestly with the big weekend coming and still feeling that stair climb from the last,I’m taking it easy.

Oh la la

Kavita Flowers

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