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Green: The Taste of Green Beer

And now we are here, the final stretch of this journey. We have talked about my progress with education and growth in financial responsibility but now it’s time for a more fun change. My social life.

I actually came up with this three part journal idea while getting ready to celebrate St. Patrick Day(hint the “green” theme). In that moment I came to realize my attempt to stay active outside of my job has change drastically in a year. It’s important to have a life outside work and my ventures with various hobbies relieved the mental itch to be with others. Thank goodness for the internet. Without it I do not know how I would had found these gems. First, I travel to Florida and glanced at the beautiful art of Salvador Dali. When you think of famous artists they are always portrayed as living in a different era so I was shocked to see that Dali was on a talk show and inserted a playboy bunny in one of his painting. How is this in the social section instead of my intelligence growth post? The museum’s visit was only so good because of the tour guide. Not only is it easier to absorb knowledge when someone explains in layman’s term but enjoying the experience together in a group is satisfying. Also, seeing adults reverting to elementary school children’s trope was a bonus. Yes, there was a teacher’s pet in the group.

Salvador Dali's Lincoln painting in Florida

There was a trip to the Ringley's museum with similar experience so I won’t go much into details about it besides saying you should see it yourself. Very beautiful and do a tour guide! I did more tour guides in Boston this month but you hear more about it in my next blog.

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So how has my social life in the city been? I have dipped my toes in different activities which gradually led to meeting people from various walks of life. They say to have three types of hobbies: one to make you money, one to keep you creative, and one to keep you in shape. Well I tried introducing more of the latter with completely different; football and pole dance. Honestly, I miss team sports. Not to sound like a high school coach but they really teach you how to stop thinking of just yourself. It’s more satisfying accomplishing and celebrating with others. Still don’t understand half of the rules and jargon but football has been an amazing social experience, especially compare to pole dancing. While you can easily hide yourself in a team, pole dancing forces the focus on you. Despite this business helping me with my bashfulness, there’s still a shy girl inside who might struggle with seductively staring at herself in the mirror., but hey; I did it. To be the newcomer was intimidating but (like being a casino dealer. Tell you another time) I was able to face doubt and enjoy myself. Not only did I learn new floor works and improved my flexibility for lucky gentlemen but was able to converse with hilarious married women.

Whew! Well as you can see, I have been busy the first half of the year so I’m excited to take the time to write it down and share it with you. There were many more adventures that occur but you can just ask me over a glass of Merlot about them!

stripper heels and thigh high socks

From the first sip of the green beer on St. Patty I came to realize two conclusions. First, that upon taking a step back, I can see growth in handling my finance, staying mentally sharp, and socially active since last year and with plans for school the future is even brighter. Second. Green beer is disgusting. Word of the week: Pugnacious Having a quarrelsome or combative nature What’s on my mind: As you can see, my website is getting an exciting makeover! I plan to use this platform to showcase my personal thoughts and love of food which I can’t wait to show you! Also, new photos added soon! Drink of the week: Actually, I’m going to use this as a chance to ask for help. If you know any D&D theme cocktails then please contact me! Dish of the week: Vegan calamari (artichoke) Don’t freak out, it’s actually a delicious snack. I would post photos but I haven’t master making the artichoke into ring shapes without breaking.

ebony sweetheart with long silky legs


Kavita F.

PS: Tell me if the texts is too small or too light. Constructive criticism is welcome!

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