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Lobster mania

Downtown incall: Aug. 22-23 July was filled with water parks, fireworks, and birthday wishes which you amazing gentlemen did not forget!!! I am overjoyed with the love and kindness you gave during July and will always be grateful. One present in particular was a trip to Boston. Not only is it uncharted territory for me but I adore colonial history. Yes, that’s right. I know I fill most of my blog space with my fascination of Japanese culture and worldly cuisines but my first love was always colonial history. It’s ironic, seeing how the men and women I spend hours researching wouldn’t even give me the time of day if we ever met. In fact, I caught myself pondering multiple times from the sight of the Boston tea party to the Old State House why I am so intrigue in learning about the fight for freedom that didn’t include me(especially as an escort). Who knows, everyone has a problematic interest right? Besides, love the fashion. Regardless, I learned so much on this trip. New trivia was told(Boston being a mostly man made city) or added to previous knowledge(Crispus Attucks and the Boston massacre). Luckily, between tours we were able to escape the extreme heat and taste the best of Boston.

state house visit from an Chicago escort

Now, we all know seafood is what comes to mind with Boston but I should tell you that I was not a lobster fanatic upon coming to this trip. I won’t say names but a well establish Chicago restaurant gave me a surf and turf consisted of a lobster with the worst after taste ever. Seafood is preferred over red meat always but I found myself finishing the steak first. Psychology came into play and my mind didn’t run to lobster anymore thus, despite its increase in popularity, I have never had a lobster roll.

So what a turn of events when my first meal was a lobster roll! Despite my history, I couldn’t go to Boston without trying one and boy am I glad I did! Buttery, melt in your mouth pure bliss! I don’t know Chicago’s portions but they were not holding out on the meat! Definitely a great dish to turn my view of the Crustacean around.

clam chowder eaten by a chicago escort

Personally, I don’t eat diary but if my budding lobster(filled with butter) romance taught me anything its that I shouldn’t let my eating beliefs stop me from tasting greatest, which is a perfect description of Boston’s clam chowder. Again, don’t know if Boston plate sizes are just bigger than Chicago’s but the beard cup soup was enormous! Bigger than what I expected a seafood dish would be. I couldn’t even finish it. Despite it being 90+ degrees outside I could of have this hot soup again for it was my favorite meal of the trip! Everyone try a clam chowder now!

I have mention multiple times the weather during this trip for I need you to understand how HOT it was. It was nice to get a boat tour showcasing one of the most expensive item in the world(on deer island) but I have never chugged so much water in a hour. At least the heat caused for multiple breaks inside restaurants for calamari(best I ever had) and UFO beer(a Boston beer actually brewed in Boston).

lobster roll eaten by Chicago escort

The heat broke off in the evening which allowed me to put a little black dress for my gentleman friend and enjoy the city’s nightlife. Surprise, surprise I wanted seafood and what a great way for me to end the trip than lobster in a Japanese style maki roll! Again, a generous amount of meat. They even gave us the head! With Boston theme cocktails, we toasted to a magical night to end a phenomenal trip T

he only tiny regret I could possibly have is not trying a Fenwick hotdog but that barely makes a dent on a perfect, hot first look of Boston. It’s definitely a city I see myself visiting again soon and maybe this less colonial history and more Harvard, MIT, and UMASS tours? Hahaha. I’m lying to myself. I love those white powder wig men too much. Just have to plan a longer trip.

patriotic chicago escort

What’s on my mind: Whoever wrote this amazing response

forgotten history of sex workers and escorts

sex worker

Escort and companion have a rich history which many try to ignore. It’s called the oldest profession for a reason.

Word of the week: Jettison abandon or discard(someone or something that is no longer wanted) Drink of the week: Singapore Slings I want to try one so bad!! What’s the place to go to try one?

Enjoy the rest of your summer

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