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The night of wonders

Ohare incall : Aug 31st-Sept 1st

Champaign: Sept 7th-8th

“Always dress like you’re going to see your worst enemy” Kimora Lee Simmons

What beautiful weather we been having! This is the home stretch of the summer so why not seize it? That’s what I did and it is what sparked a surprising encounter. You find me strolling downtown returning home until I slowly comes to a stop. Maybe it’s the tourist’s jolliness reflecting unto me, the love of the stares brought from my off the shoulder top and expose legs, or just that my transportation was taking too long but I felt the need to stay in the bustling area a little longer. Now you find me entering a restaurant acknowledging the smiles of every friendly gentlemen’s face as I head for one drink. Disappointed with the lack of chairs, I glides into the space at the bar that trigger it all. After just 15 seconds of standing patiently an older gentleman offer me his chair. Despite instantly declining (You always initially do this in the South) he just as quickly insisted. “Pretty girls shouldn’t have to stand up”

Offering your seat is a great ice breaker to always have.

If there is one word I could describe him as it’s gregarious. As stated in previous blogs, being a GFE companion has improved my social skills greatly and mixed with his confidence we enjoyed a delightful smooth conversation. These are the reason why you should never judge a book by their cover. He was (smart) casually dress but had a respected career. Though even he joke about meeting a lovely lady while dressed down. “Well you are from here. What’s a nice way for a casually dress guy to see Chicago?”

chicago cruise with ebony companion

(Same photo from my twitter account) So he paid for our drinks and I led him on a boat ride! Photo worthy scenery, relaxed environment, and a chance for us to continue our exhilarating discussion with the wind in our hair. Keeping my companion life a secret it was interesting to maneuver how I was able to travel so much this year (just wrote about Boston); however, it was wonderful to talk to an avid international traveler. There is so much to learn when you step outside your everyday comfort.

dinner of steak with a gentleman

“Where’s the best restaurant in Chicago that allows...this?”

You have to love a man who can laugh at himself. Luckily Chicago, despite being a metropolis, obtains its Midwest ideals of comfort with many highly rated restaurants with lax dress codes. A “twice a year” steak was enjoyed while I introduce him to more Chicago jazz. “Why aren’t you eating more? Please enjoy anything you like” he urged as he order me another plate. I know “The stomach is the way to the heart” is direct towards male bodies but there is something having a gentlemen order for me and ensure that I’m satisfied. That and watching him effortlessly talk to the other couples and sing high praises of me. It’s a skill shy me still struggle with and so greatly admire in others. I knew I wanted to end the night with him.

“This is one of the best overnight in 10 years” He whisper into my ear as he caress my cheeks in his bedroom. After dinner we continue wondering Chicago with a toast, a souvenir for the both of us, and a monetary gift for me. I never told him about the companion Kavita Flowers but being a perfect gentleman he knows how to treat a young lady and he wanted to help my marathon charity. It was the cherry on top for what I really wanted which was his hands exploring every inch of my body. That and a surprise my talented tongue. We exchange numbers as he parted parted for his flight. As a traveling (and oh, attached) businessmen, I doubt we cross path again soon and that’s ok. I have no problem remembering him as an one night of passion as he will not forget the bliss his life has yearn for years.

That day was a great reminder of a free lessons

  • Always dress to impress

  • Fellas, try to keep it smart casual

  • But mostly don’t be afraid to go out alone! Don’t wait for others to enjoy an event, movie, etc

I mean, look at me. A last minute decision to enjoy a drink alone led to the best way to celebrate the end of summer!

Thanks for reading!

Kavita Flowers

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