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Don’t we ALL like to eat?

I found my new love of Ethiopian cuisine. Wasting no time after one bite of it at a festival, I researched recipes. Now, never having East African dishes before I was mentally prepared for the hassle of finding the ingredients (despite Chicago having a nice size Ethiopian community). However, to my surprise, as I read the recipes more and more recognizable spices and legumes was listed. In fact, I had most of it in my pantry. Why? They were leftover from my Indian dish nights. Seeing how they are two vastly different countries on two entirely different continents, I was quite shock with the similar used of coriander seeds, turmeric, gramma masala, and lentils.

Assuming it’s from the countries trading history centuries ago, I do not know the historic reasoning for it now am I planning to write about it. If you know the reason please tell me or comment below but what I got from the realization was how people aren’t so different as we think.

A friend of an older gentleman I spend time with recently asked him about our relationship. We are platonic so what gives? He responded with the reason that not only do we enjoy each other company but we have similar hobbies of going to festivals and disliking the same Chicago neighborhoods. His friend was dumbfounded that we of different generation could be similar without being physical(and I understood the confusion). I’m pretty sure we look like an odd couple but we would had missed some great laughs and delicious food truck if we just assumed we did not have similar taste because of the age gap.

You can have common interest with an older gentleman outside the bedroom. Judging a book by its cover is a concept we are all guilty of using. It’s still amaze me how dumbfounded many people become when I say I enjoy table top games. Somehow in the age of new Avengers and Star Wars movie every year people do not equate pretty girls with liking nerdy games. What? You can’t see how an escort who create fantasies daily would like to roleplay as a rogue? Where do you think we get practice and inspirations from? Honestly, most sex workers I know (in and out of Chicago) indulge in some type of fantasy theme media so don’t be afraid to invite that gorgeous lady at the cafe or store or in your bed to your D&D group.

With temperature dropping by the minute, it’s the perfect time to research some spicy Ethiopian and Indian dishes. What a better way to warm my body then by tasting two different cultures without multiple trips to the store. Thank goodness that despite the vast varieties in the world there are just as much similarities, especially between us folks. Every bite from my abesha gomen will remind me that I might not be as different as my neighbor or Uber driver so why not all of us go out there and introduce ourselves? It was the only way I met my older festival partner who showed me the delicious culinary of Ethiopia. Word of the week: Imperative (Adj) of vital importance, crucial What’s on my mind: continuing to improve myself this year. You might falter on your new year resolutions but just pick yourself back up and continue to try! 頑張って! Drink of the Week: whatever the restaurant doing Chicago restaurant week is pairing with your meal. Kavita Flowers

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