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Green!: Make it rain

Oh, you thought you would never see part 2? Well think again! 

すいません、some curveballs have appeared out of the woodwork (which can be seen on my twitter blog at ) so I decided to stay quiet for awhile. Also, March=spring break=a lot of family traveling to Chicago.

Anyway! That’s in the past. Let’s talk about now!

One aspect that 2017/2018 me has approve dramatically on is financial responsibility. It’s long overdue but I have to thank this venture for it. Many of you gentlemen have took the time answering questions on budgeting and index funds that google just couldn’t explain in layman’s term. It’s great to live comfortably now but it’s even nicer to have a plan for the future. 

Speaking about the future, I have also successfully diminish some of my school loans and badly handled credit cards. How does this relate to the future?


debt free—>wealth—>career—>education 

      And I’m returning school this Fall! 

(See how I worked academic to the color green)

This is a huge step for me and a major reason why I started this business. I can’t believe it’s finally happening. Many steps have been completed and I should my schedule by June!

I have always had a passion for my STEM major and I’m proud to be continuing it. Despite enjoying being a companion, I don’t see myself using these skills to start a business. Research seems a better fit for me and with the current technology shift, a little background in computer science will seem valuable as well. 

I know! I know! Nothing related to Japan!? I have been giving it thought but right now I do not know the options it will bring besides interrupter. Once on campus I will have the resources to learn more but for now STEM is my priority.

I might be overestatic for this educational move but I will never forget what you gentleman have taught me for there are important lessons not learned in the classroom and I will always be appreciative.

Sounds like I’m going to be busy right?

I’m prepare to to take my education journey serious and with that my time will become even more precious. So starting May 1st my rates will increase. Yes, you can be grandfathered if seen before then.

See? Wasn’t this worth the wait?

What’s on my mind: My new social media platform at Mastodon (click here)

Also, my first trip to South America in mid May so make sure to see me before then to give me traveling tips!

Word of the week: malaise

(Noun) a general feeling of discomfort, illness, or uneasiness whose exact cause is difficult to identify.

Drink of the week: Someone told me about “The poor man mimosa”. Instead of champagne and orange juice it’s beer and orange juice. It sounds strange but combing juice to the citrus flavor of blue moon might actually work! Try it!

Have a great week and stay safe!

Kavita F.

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