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What do the grandmas cook in the Far East? (Pt 2)

Champaign: Oct 4th

Ok! Let’s start this again. As we last stop off, I was discussing some of the comfort street food in Japan, particularly okonomiyaki; it’s a complicated dish but reaps a delicious meal. Another street food that could get messy in the kitchen is “takoyaki”. Despite meaning “grilled octopus” you can fill it with “ebi” (shrimp) or even cheese. PS: When did cheese become so popular in the Far East? One of the many reasons why I go for Asian food is their lack of diary. Yes, I’m from the Midwest but cheese curds and drinking milk with spaghetti does not appeal to me. Also, it does nothing good for an Adult body. Now listen, I love Nachos, it’s my go to at a Chicago White Sox game, but seeing the desire of cheese with ramen or in Asian street food is disappointing.

That was a long rant. Back to takoyaki

me enjoying cheesy nachos and a beer at a white sox game chicago escort

Me at one of my favourite nachos spot(Chicago CELLULAR field)

Takoyaki can be filled with your preference(similar to okonomiyaki. In fact, you mainly use some of the same ingredients: bonito flakes, green onion, and relish); however, all are caked in a chewy ball shape dough. Sadly, the texture of the batter is not my favourite but it can be easily fix with some playing around in the kitchen(and no, not that type of playing around. No escort fun when the stove is on) Cooking it for the first time taught me that octopus is not my forte neither. Love, LOVE anything that lived in the water but octopus(like the dough) is too chewy so substituting it shrimp the second time was a smart, delicious move. The third time I took an American turn and made a hamburger version which insist of ground meat, relish, red onion, and....cheese(yeah yeah). This was my favourite version and I thank the amazing chef Adam Liaw for publishing the recipe here So, now you know what’s in it but how do you make it? Like Okonomiyaki it can became messy BUT you need less space to cook. In fact, you only need one tool which is essential. The takoyaki pan. Thank goodness for Amazon for I have no idea where you will find it outside of Japan. It is the reason why my wishlist is set there; you can buy everything! What do you do with the pan? Well, you grab some chopsticks and have fun playing with some balls! Here’s a fast forward video of me turning a heap of liquid into a golden, crispy snack. I myself did not see how the beginning could yield the ending product but it’s mighty easy, just keep your eye constantly on it.

Once I learn how to make a batter that my tongues like I can see this being a weekly snack.

chicago escort gfe companion ebony

What’s on mind: Rip to my summer book. It didn’t make it back from my trip and now I have to rebuy it or see this tragedy as opportunity to focus only on my Japanese book.

Word of the day: elide to suppress or alter (something, such as a vowel or syllable) by elision. To leave out of consideration, omit. Drink of the week: Good ol' German beer. Happy Octoberfest! Summer was a blast but it’s time to jump into a leaf pile, drink some pumpkin spice, and prepare for a slutty Halloween Kavita

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